Royal Grill Ginji

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Royal Grill Ginji
Shop 367, Level 3, Moko, Mong Kok, Kowloon
Monday to Sunday
T: +852 2392 0028

A Royal Touch of Izakaya

Boasting innovative teppanyaki and original izakaya delights, the new shop under the Mekiki no Ginji’s belt is an exciting dining destination for all who enjoy izakaya fare in a bustling yet relaxing ambience.


Royal Grill Ginji is established under the Mekiki no Ginji’s flag, as a new concept izakaya restaurant that serves teppanyaki delights, which are made of fresh seafood directly imported from Japan and top-notched meat. The restaurant also serves signature izakaya dishes and a wide variety of Japanese wines.

Private Dining and Events


The 229 Sq.M venue accommodates more than 120 people. The contemporary wooden tables, paper lantern and sake barrel seats give a unique Japanese touch to the restaurant. U-shape counter seats surrounding the open kitchen and teppanyaki table are set in the main dining area; the VIP rooms can accommodate 10 guests comfortably. A perfect venue for private functions and cocktail parties.

For events enquiry, please contact: [email protected]